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An hourglass visualises time ticking by. A business person is hand calculating an invoice. Office setting. Shot of a desk. Stress and Coping is a Course

Stress and Coping

5.0 credits

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Coming in November 2021


1 Day*

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How do we learn to cope with stress?

Discover powerful ways to manage stress through emotional, cognitive, and physiological responses.

Stress can be viewed as a stimulus, a physiological response and a transaction. Interventions for stress management and adaptation can be determined by how individuals conceptualise their perceptions.

Reflect on different stress theories and learn distinct and powerful approaches to understanding and coping with stress. Unpack the different types of stress and explore specific interventions that have been used by professionals to help people cope to better with stress.

In this credential you will:

  • explain the critical role of cognitive appraisal
  • describe the nature of different types of stress (i.e. acute and chronic stress)
  • identify how stress manifests itself in various diseases
  • define coping, coping theories, different coping styles, strategies and goals
  • discuss interventions that help people cope with stress
  • complete a pass/fail authentic, industry relevant assessment to provide the opportunity to demonstrate learning mastery.

To be successful in this credential, it would be beneficial to have:

  • a degree in any discipline or several years’ experience of working in a related profession.

What you will gain from this Credential

Successful completion of this credential earns a digital badge that is instantly shareable to your social networks (including LinkedIn) which showcases your skill mastery in Stress and Coping.


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This credential provides foundation knowledge in a discipline and doesn’t require previous knowledge.


You will also earn 5 credit points which are in line with AQF Level 8 criteria, ensuring comprehensive theoretical and/or technical knowledge of the credential.

What should you bring to this Credential?  

Learning materials will be provided to you through the teaching of this credential and via Canvas, our Learning Management System. Learners need to supply laptops or tablets and are welcome to bring with them any content they believe will contribute to the learning environment.  

Curtin Credentials focus on five themes, which have been carefully curated based on what’s most relevant and valuable to professionals today, and in the future. This credential fits within the following theme:

Future of work

Thrive and adapt in the changing world of work by developing and broadening your skillset in a range of areas.

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*This is one day of instruction. There will be additional work (such as pre-work) required for this course.  
^Learning is done completely online and at your own pace.

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