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SMART Work Design - Register Now is a Course

SMART Work Design - Register Now

5 credits

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How can we rethink the way we work to increase job satisfaction and the wellbeing of employees, and improve productivity?

We know the nature of work is changing, and the future is all about working smarter. But what does that mean in practice for employee and employer?

Research shows good work design practices have positive impacts on individuals, teams and organisations – preventing harm, improving wellbeing and lifting productivity. Changes to work practices as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic gave us a glimpse of the benefits of doing things differently and many of us are now keen to make some permanent changes.

This course gives you the understanding and the tools to redesign your own and others’ work to promote happier, healthier employees and more successful businesses.

SMART Work Design principles can play a key role in workplace transformation. The SMART framework covers five key themes – Stimulating, Mastery, Agency, Relational and Tolerable Demands.

You will explore the SMART framework to create and redesign jobs to increase satisfaction, reduce stress and lead to a flourishing organisation.

Who is this credential for?


This credential is particularly suitable for:

  • Professionals and manages overseeing the transition to new working arrangements and roles with an interest in designing healthy work.
  • Businesses or Government departments wanting to provide a professional development program for employees and managers around performance and productivity.


What you will learn


By completing this credential you will learn to:

  • explore work design concepts and how they drive employee health, wellbeing and performance
  • analyse the characteristics of your own job and reflect on how to make positive changes
  • redesign your own work for optimum productivity and wellbeing
  • evaluate how managers can better design work for their employees
  • discover the challenges facing managers who design employees’ roles
  • apply your newfound knowledge to redesign the work of your team or colleague


Key Topics

Your learning journey includes access to three online modules.

Module 1 - What is SMART Work Design?

In this module we'll explore:

  • what work design is and why work design matters
  • the maning of SMART work design principles

Module 2 - Bottom-up / individual approaches to job redesign

In this module we'll explore:

  • what a bottom-up approach to work redesign means
  • different types of bottom-up redesign in the context of SMART work
  • job creating - a specific form of bottom-up approach
  • how to redesign your own role using job crafting and SMART work design principles

Module 3 - Top-down / Manager-led approaches to job design

In this module we'll explore:

  • the different between formal and informal approaches to work redesign strategies
  • various top-down approaches to work re-design and how they link to the SMART model
  • different managerial approaches in working with teams (face to face and virtual)
  • socio-techinical systems thinking in relation to formal work re-design



To successfully complete this credential, you have to pass a final assessment. You will be asked to apply your skills and knowledge as a consultant to create a work redesign in a real context (which you can select).


Meet your facilitators


Dr Caroline Knight
Dr Caroline Knight

Caroline works in the Centre for Transformative Work Designs at Curtin University, researching work design, wellbeing and job crafting. She is leading a project to investigate the impact of working from home during COVID-19 on people's wellbeing and performance. She is also co-leading a large longitudinal study, Work Across Life and Careers to investigate the changing nature of work and its impact on health, wellbeing, cognition, memory and identity.

Caroline has a PhD from the Institute of Work Psychology in the UK and has published in a number of top-tier management Journals.

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