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Young female computing engineer concept. GUI (Graphical User Interface). Cyber Security Operations is a Course

Cyber Security Operations

Starts Oct 17, 2023
5 credits

$680 Enrol

Full course description

How can we identify cyber threats and risks to keep IT networks and operating systems secure?

New technologies and the surge of data use in almost every industry means cyber security is vital to protect businesses and their people.

It could be the one thing standing between your organisation and a malicious cyber attack. Understanding what motivates a cyber attack and being able to identify potential threats could make all the difference in protecting your organisation.

This credential will provide you with the knowledge required for an associate-level security analyst in a Security Operations Centre team. These teams are becoming increasingly important in major organisations to monitor and protect assets such as intellectual property, personnel data, business systems and brand integrity.

To be successful in this credential, it would be beneficial to have:

  • completed Cyber Security Essentials, or
  • experience working in cyber security or related industries
Who is this credential for?


This credential is particularly suitable for:

  • Professionals transitioning new working arrangements and roles into cybersecurity
  • Professionals who aim to reskill more about cybersecurity operations at an associate level
  • Professionals trained in cybersecurity, internet operation and digital space management
  • Businesses are looking to enhance the understanding of Cybersecurity operations


What you will learn


By completing this credential you will learn to:

  • understand the motivation for cyber attacks
  • learn skills and techniques for identifying vulnerabilities and threats in networks and operating systems
  • implement security measures in networks and operating systems
  • use encryption and decryption tools
  • create a cyber security incident response plan


Key Topics

Your learning journey includes access to four online modules.

Module 1 – Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities for Businesses

In the first module, we discover that the primary purposes of a Security Operations Centre are to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate and respond to various cyber threats.

Module 2 – What is Network Infrastructure?

To understand how networks work, the first step is to understand how addressing in networks work. The module will cover the basics.

Module 3 – Tools to Attack or Defend a Network

In this module you will learn about the tools used for attacking and defending a network, including learning what a firewall is.

Module 4 – Observation

In this final module you will observe and complete a penetration test – a simulated cyber-attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.



To successfully complete this credential, you are required to pass a final assessment. In this final assessment, you will conduct and practice decoding packets in Wireshark, and evaluate your approach.


Meet your facilitators


Dr Nazanin Mohammadi
Dr Nazanin Mohammadi


Nazanin Mohammadi is a computer network and IT specialist in educational environments. She has been developing and delivering materials for computer systems and networking laboratories in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Curtin for the past 10 years. In 2015, Nazanin received the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award in Innovation for design and implementation of the remote collaborative engineering laboratory environment. She is also amongst a few certified Cisco Networking Academy Instructor trainers in Australia. Nazanin is actively engaged in developing new pedagogies in teaching science and engineering courses as part of her PhD research.

LinkedIn Logo Dr Nazanin Mohammadi


Earn a badge


Once you successfully complete and pass the final assessment, you'll earn a digital badge that is instantly shareable to your social networks (including LinkedIn) which showcases your new skills and knowledge mastery.

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This credential sllows you to acquire intermediate knowledge and skills in a discipline. This credential usually requires you to have some related prior learning or experience.

You will also earn 5 credit points which are in line with Australian Qualification Framework Level 8 criteria, ensuring comprehensive theoretical and/or technical knowledge of the credential. 100 credit points are required to earn a Graduate Certificate at Curtin.


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Curtin Credentials focus on five themes, which have been carefully curated based on what's most relevant and valuable to professionals today, and in the future. This credential fits within the following theme:

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*Curtin may cancel or reschedule a credential at any time and for any reason as it sees fit. The Start Date and the other details of this credentials are provided as a general guide only and may change from time to time.

✝This credential involves 30 hours of online resources, readings, activities and assessments at your own pace. However to pass and gain 5 credit points, you may need to commit further time.

^Learning is done completely online.

§Price subject to change. Please check price at time of purchase.

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Start: 17 October 2023*

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Duration: 30 hours

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Delivery Mode: Online^

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Price: $680 (incl. GST)§

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