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Side face of AI and brain with networks formed Cognitive Flexibility & Meta Learning is a Course

Cognitive Flexibility & Meta Learning

5 credits

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Full course description

Do you need strategies to help turn your mind effectively to new concepts and ways of problem solving?

How we respond to situations that require new learning and thinking has an impact on our ability to adapt to change, and adopt new ideas and approaches.

Developing awareness of our cognitive flexibility is considered a key part of successfully managing challenges in a changing work environment. It is essential to productive organisations and a meaningful career.

In this course, you'll explore new ways of learning and problem solving. You'll discover strategies for effective learning, developing recall and memory, and ways to apply what you’ve learned in one area to other situations.

Who is this credential for?


This credential is particularly suitable for:

  • People who want to navigate new working arrangements and roles and pursue flexible and effective learning in different contexts. It is applicable to any industry.


What you will learn


By completing this credential you will learn to:

  • identify the skills and abilities that contribute to cognitive flexibility, mental agility and learning about learning
  • improve your capacity and confidence to respond to situations that require new learning and approaches
  • understand the role of cognitive science in learning
  • apply the principles and strategies of effective learning to acquire new skills
  • evaluate what new understandings are needed to further develop your lifelong learning path


Key Topics

Your learning journey includes access to two online modules.

Module 1 – Cognitive Flexibility & Strategies to Improve your Learning Ability

In this topic we will explore the concept of Cognitive Flexibility and strategies we can utilise to foster its development.

Module 2 – Learning about learning

In this topic we will investigate how the cognitive science of learning helps us to understand approaches and activities that help us to learn effectively, and the concept of meta learning.



To successfully complete this credential, you are required to pass a final assessment. In the final assessment we will develop a one-month skill development schedule for a new skill or hobby you wish to improve and develop.


Earn a badge


Once you successfully complete and pass the final assessment, you'll earn a digital badge that is instantly shareable to your social networks (including LinkedIn) which showcases your new skills and knowledge mastery.

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This credential provides foundation knowledge in a discipline and doesn't require previous knowledge.

You will also earn 5 credit points which are in line with Australian Qualification Framework Level 8 criteria, ensuring comprehensive theoretical and/or technical knowledge of the credential. 100 credit points are required to earn a Graduate Certificate at Curtin.


Discover more


Curtin Credentials focus on five themes, which have been carefully curated based on what's most relevant and valuable to professionals today, and in the future. This credential fits within the following theme:

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Future of Work

Thrive and adapt in the changing world of work by developing and broadening your skillset in a range of areas including work design and cognitive flexibility.

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*Curtin may cancel or reschedule a credential at any time and for any reason as it sees fit. The Start Date and the other details of this credentials are provided as a general guide only and may change from time to time.

✝This program involves 30 hours of online resources, readings, activities and assessments. However to pass and earn 5 credit points, you may need to commit further time.

^Learning is done completely online.

§Price subject to change. Please check price at time of purchase.

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Duration: 30 hours

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Price: ~$600 (incl. GST)§

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